Organize Searches & get notified for new results for

2 min readOct 8, 2023


Numerous users have requested automated notifications for new query results upon each data release. To meet this need and enhance query organization, we’ve introduced a feature called “Saved Searches.”

Refining your search query to accurately track your assets is crucial. Our new feature lets you save these queries and receive real-time notifications, enabling you to address potential leaks promptly.

With Saved Searches, you can:

  • Preserve the specifics of a search query for quick future access.
  • Opt in for email notifications when new files are added to your search results.
  • View the number of new results since last release

Creating a saved search is as easy as clicking the Save & Notify button in the search results.

You can also manage the Saved Searches here: (Search Files — Saved Searches in the menu)

For easy access you can click the Saved Searches button in the search results:

The new functionality is available for premium users for now.